8-Step Guide to Position Your Brand on Social Media

Social media has become the most influential space where social channels aren’t only used for “social networking” but to advertise brands and products digitally. Building a brand is the desire of many small businesses, but one of the vexing challenges often faced is utilizing the power of social media to enable brand recognition. If you’re a small … Continued

Plain Text vs HTML Email: Which format is better?

In email marketing, metrics like open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate directly impact the success of your email efforts. And what it really comes down to is the type of format you’re choosing to deliver your campaign – HTML or Plain Text.   Photo credit: www.emailout.com What Works Better – HTML or Plain Text … Continued

5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Is email marketing still important in 2022? With a return on investment of up to 4400%, it remains the best way to attract and retain customers. Before Google Ads and the rise of social, email was the OG channel to reach audiences online.     Photo credit: Workana.com ​ If you’re a small business owner … Continued