The Essential Elements of A Brand

  Are you a company, large or small, that either has a brand, is unclear of what your brand is, or is looking to establish your brand? Are you experiencing rapid growth and your current brand does not seem to fit anymore? As you are building your brand, consider these essential elements through every step. … Continued

Brand Discovery – A.K.A. Your REX Therapy Session

As you browse for agencies to work with, you will notice a common word that many will use as a description of part of their process: Brand Discovery.   What is Brand Discovery Session? A brand discovery session is how many agencies would describe your initial kickoff meeting. It is their way of discovering exactly … Continued

How To Lead During A Crisis

Being a leader in any capacity is an immense responsibility. As you look out for your team, the way you act and react can greatly influence their day. In stressful times such as a pandemic, while it may be more difficult, it is more important than ever to manage yourself to be a strong presence … Continued