Canada’s #1 Super Facial.


The OxyGeneoTM facial is the number one facial treatment in Canada and is known to provide instant results with zero downtime using the power of oxygen. With the launch of three new treatment protocols featuring an all-new OxyPodTM technology and vegan ingredients, it was time to refresh the branding in time for the new product launch.


Projects Completed
  • Visual Identity Rebrand
  • Brand Engagement Platform (Custom Website Design + Development, Brand Collateral + Marketing Collateral)

Visual Identity Rebrand

The Challenge

The main challenge of this project was how to keep the brand recognition from the nationally recognized old images, pay respect to the branding the manufacturer provided, but create something new that was uniquely created for DermaSpark’s Candian Market.

The Approach

The strategy behind the redesign was to make the brand mirror the characteristics of the new facial treatments by feeling fresh and clean while still keeping enough elements of the old brand to retain established brand recognition.

The old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” really applied here. The “split face” model image had become iconic internationally and was a major identifier for the facial. Incorporating this model into the new branding was essential to keep brand recognition with existing fans of the facial.

We created a new modern logo that highlights OXY, the differentiating component of the OxyGeneoTM facial. We designed a new pattern that emulates bubbles to mimic the experience someone would feel when receiving the bubbly facial.

To visually communicate that the product uses all-natural ingredients with zero preservatives, we strategically shine a light on the ingredients themselves.

The final step was to ensure we had room to scale the visuals and messaging depending on where the asset would be. This client attends trade shows, advertises on busses, and even sends out stickers. So it was important for the branding to be suitable for any application.

The Results

The result is a revamped, modern product brand with a fresh new look that will attract the desired user demographic. Brand imagery more clearly conveys the key benefits, making the facial an easier sell for aestheticians. The new colour palette provides a robust visual language to distinguish between product options and draw the user’s eyes to specific calls to action.