Our company’s rebrand has been a long time coming. Now, the visual identity of REX Marketing + Design Inc. reflects our vision, our values, and our impact. Why the rebrand?

Rebranding is a pivotal process that can breathe new life into a business, allowing it to evolve and stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace. It goes beyond simply changing a logo or colour scheme; it encompasses a strategic shift in the company’s identity, values, and overall brand perception. A rebrand can help a business realign its image with its vision, connect with a target audience more effectively, and differentiate itself from competitors.

To commemorate our company’s long-awaited rebranding, we recently hosted a celebratory event at our Coquitlam office. We were privileged to have our valued clients, business partners, support network, friends, and family join us for this significant occasion. It was an evening filled with gratitude and appreciation as we recognized the integral role these individuals have played in our growth and success.




Thank you to our amazing partners and friends, Hakija from Signs at Large, and Nicole and her team from Emelle’s Catering, and Moshe from DermaSpark Products Inc. – it wouldn’t have been possible without your great talents and support.

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