5…4…3…2…1… To the new REX office we go! 🚀

This week we moved from our little 3-person office to one that’s 2x the size! Now Allison doesn’t have to sit on the floor : )

But why a new and bigger office?

Well, the science is pretty unanimous on this topic. People like big spaces, especially bigger offices. Jokes apart, Moving to a bigger office space offers numerous advantages for a growing business. It allows expansion, accommodating the company’s increasing workforce and future growth plans. Employees can work comfortably and collaboratively with more space, fostering a positive and productive work environment. A bigger office allows for incorporating functional areas like meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and collaborative zones, enhancing teamwork and creativity.

Additionally, a spacious office enables the implementation of better infrastructure and technology, supporting efficient operations and seamless communication. It also creates a professional and impressive image for clients and partners, reinforcing the brand’s credibility and signalling its progress. Ultimately, a bigger office space represents a significant milestone, signifying the company’s success and opening doors to further opportunities and achievements in the future.


We are still getting settled in. Can’t wait to show you once it’s ready! Here is a sneak peek from the move-in: