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The Brand Audit: Clear direction from an award-winning strategic team

Since 2017, REX develops category leading brands for values-driven companies and organizations. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your marketing results or seeking growth without a clear path, our team offers integrated business, brand, marketing, content, and creative strategy to deliver internationally award-winning rebrands and marketing strategies.

Hundreds of businesses like yours told us why they need a Brand Audit

Through our work with over 200 brands since 2017 and research with hundreds more, we’ve honed in on the key concerns of business owners and marketing leaders like you, leading us to create our comprehensive Brand Audit.

Consistency is Key: Your brand presence feels disjointed, and you want a cohesive image that impresses your ideal audience across all touchpoints.

Clarity in Your Message: Crafting marketing copy leaves you uncertain, leading to constant tweaks. You crave a clear and compelling message that resonates with your customers.

Navigating Multiple Providers: Dealing with various service providers and teams for ads, websites, social media, etc., leaves you unsure if you’re making the right choices.

Focus for Growth: You’re ready to invest in your brand’s growth but don’t know where to start, causing hesitation and missed opportunities.

Brand Audit: Harness the power of strategic analysis to pave the path to success

Step 1: Objectives Discovery – Your North Star

Set the stage for transformative results by clarifying business, brand, and marketing objectives, providing a clear direction and foundation for our powerful Brand Audit.

Step 2: Target Audience Assessment – Knowing Your Bullseye

To assess your brand and marketing, we must know who you’re targeting. We’ll review your target audience segments and profiles and ask questions to gain understanding.

Step 3: Competitor Benchmark – Stop Competing, Start Leading

Measure yourself against the competition and discover how you stand out in the eyes of your desired customers. Gain insights that propel you forward and leave competitors in the dust.

Step 4: Message Effectiveness Review – Speak Loud and Clear

We assess how your messaging aligns with your business goals and target audience and uncover opportunities to strengthen your core message to ensure it is compelling, differentiated, and consistently communicated across all platforms.

Step 5: Visual Identity Review – A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Harness the power of visual storytelling. Evaluate the impact of your visual identity on brand perception and positioning, evoking emotions and driving engagement.

Step 6: Brand Perception Analysis – It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Believe

See how the world views your brand through external perception analysis based on publicly available data. Uncover strengths and opportunities to shape your brand’s narrative.

Step 7: Action Plan – Your Growth Blueprint

Armed with powerful insights, receive a tailored Action Plan designed to set your brand on course in alignment with your business, brand, and marketing objectives.

You’re 1 Month From Clarity

Your Brand Audit and your Action Plan will be created in approximately 1 month, pending the availability of your team for our initial discovery meetings.

How Much?

$5,500 (plus applicable taxes)

The insights you need to:

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Improve ad performance
  • Get more qualified leads and inquiries
  • Strengthen your sales cycles
  • Boost engagement on social media
  • Enhance Website Performance
  • Elevate the customer experience Increase brand recognition
  • Improve the ROI of all your marketing


Building a brand is a continuous process, and a self-assessment like a brand audit is generally a good idea. However, a brand audit is ideal for your business if:

  • Your marketing isn’t effective
  • You want to level up the quality, consistency, and impact of your branding
  • You don’t have an integrated strategy outlining how your brand and marketing will achieve business goals
  • You are expanding your offering
  • You’re expanding or moving into new markets
  • You need to level up public perception
  • You want to rally and align your team and culture
  • You want to build a brand that gives people something to believe in (inside and outside your organization)

A brand audit is possible to conduct without a discovery session. However, without understanding your business strategy and brand philosophy, the audit will be directionless. For us understanding the founder’s or leadership team’s vision is a key aspect of our branding process.

A Brand Audit is meant for one brand. If you lead a group of companies or divisions with unique offerings and audiences, each one will require its own audit. Submit an inquiry, and our team will decipher what you need.

Once we share the Action Plan, you will need to take action based on the recommendations defined in the report. REX has a loyal list of brands who rely on our team to lead and action their brand and marketing either fractionally or full-service. You’ll get a taste of how we work and how our partnership feels through the Brand Audit and can decide if you want to work with REX or take your Action Plan elsewhere. Either way, you’ll be clear on what to do and where to focus.