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Autism BC

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AutismBC is a non-profit and registered charity based in Richmond, BC, dedicated to enhancing the lives of the autism community.

Their mission is to empower, support, and foster connections among individuals with autism in British Columbia, enabling them to live their best lives. They have created a vibrant, nurturing and inclusive community for individuals with Autism and their families. This comm unity fosters a sense of belonging, empowering each member to navigate their journey with autism with resilience and joy.


  • Brand Discovery + Development
  • Audience Insights + Journey
  • Market Research
  • Positioning + Strategic Narrative


  • Brand Visuals + Identity
  • Display + Brand Experience


AutismBC came to REX looking for clarity and direction for their non – profit organization. They were marketing and producing content but without a clear goal or strategy. Their goal was to be more intentional with their marketing efforts and have a clear strategic direction.

British Columbia is home to numerous autism networks, many of which appear very similar from a marketing standpoint. For AutismBC, having a clear distinction was critical in order to create a memorable brand. They wanted to increase public awareness of their organization to secure more funding from companies and donations from individuals and continue providing necessary programs, education, support, and resources for their members. Their mission wasn’t just about funding; it was a he artfelt drive to raise awareness, secure vital support, and fuel essential programs.


A non-profit organization’s marketing and branding differ from that of a typical for-profit organization. Non-profits have a mission-centric focus and often rely on emotional storytelling to communicate and engage with their target audience.

For Autism BC, the first step was to identify the primary audience group and document the barriers that inhibit them from performing a favorable action for the AutismBC brand.

Primary Audience:

  • People affected by autism – individuals and their families
  • People not affected by autism – companies and community

The Audience Barriers:

  • Lack of understanding of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Lack of understanding of autism’s impact on a family’s collective life
  • Lack of communication between the audiences (based on fear of judgment or offending)
  • Lack of support (or knowledge of and access to support) for families affected
  • Lack of inclusiveness in the greater community

Our strategy was to influence social thought and behavioural change and get people talking about Autism. We wanted to start a conversation around the idea that autism is a journey and that understanding and sharing the journey can improve outcomes, support families, and cultivate inclusivity.

We designed a focus group research session with members of the autism community in BC to understand their perspectives and challenges. Through this research, we uncovered a deep understanding of the voices of people affected by ASD in BC as they experience different stages of the lifelong journey with autism.

Through a collaborative discovery process, we articulated AutismBC’s impact, positioning, purpose, process, and core offerings in a way that would resonate with their primary audiences. The strategy outlined in their Brand Compass would be the foundation for the Visual Identity Rebrand and future marketing initiatives.

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When AutismBC came to us, they did great work but lacked a clear vision for their marketing and branding goals. This is understandable given their mission-centric focus on improving the lives of individuals and families with autism. In such altruistic pursuits, marketing and branding can sometimes take a back seat.

Our biggest result with AutismBC was that we enabled a more focused approach to branding and marketing. Our brand strategy process and focus group research helped us create and document a deeper understanding of the lives of people in the British Columbia autism community.


Today, AutismBC is a thriving non-profit organization that serves the local community in BC. Their reviews on Google are a testament to the great work they are doing and the success of their brand. They have great brand presence on social media as well, and they have amassed more than 7,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook.

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