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Stanley Park

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The Stanley Park Railway is one Vancouver’s most popular and iconic attractions, welcoming over 200,000 visitors per year.

The Vancouver Park Board, operating under the city of Vancouver, maintain this local legend, which has become so popular that tickets for 2023 trains sold out within an hour.


  • Development and Alignment
  • Product / Service Positioning

  • Event Visual Identity
  • Display + Brand Experience
  • Illustration + Infographics


The Stanley Park Railway hosts trains and events throughout the year, celebrating seasonal events such as the Easter Train, Halloween Ghost Train, Bright Nights Winter Train and the Urban Forest Train.

The Vancouver Park Board enlisted REX to elevate their event and marketing collateral, giving audiences an exciting peek into the theme of the events and garner local excitement, while also maintaining clear and simple communication for visiting tourists.

REX has been the trusted creative partner for the Stanley Park Railway since 2010. Each year, we collaborate to conceptualize the visuals for their themed events.


For the Stanley Park Railway project, our strategy and research change depending on the event for which we are doing the creative production. For their Ghost Train event, Stanley Park Railway works with theatre production company Mortal Coil to conceptualize a spectacular spooky theme for the Ghost Train. Mortal Coil directs the set designs, performers, costumes, and artistic direction.

We work with the paintings that illustrate the theme and produce all creative signage, marketing, and promotional assets for the event. Often layering on the existing artwork, we ensure Stanley Park Railway’s campaign artwork highlights the event theme in a way that speaks to target audiences and delivers critical event information.

The primary audiences for their events are:

  1. FAMILIES – Parents bring their young children to experience the Stanley Park Trains and events. They expect a family-friendly experience that will leave their young ones feeling wonder and awe.
  2. TOURISTS – People from around the world visit Stanley Park, an iconic Vancouver landmark.

Each campaign teases the excitement ahead, offering just enough to pique interest without spoiling the surprise. Our job? To capture the theme’s essence in a sneak peek that leaves attendees thrilled upon arrival. Immersing guests in the theme is key, but let’s not forget the star of the show: the railway itself!



Wow! Selling 17,000 tickets in just an hour is beyond thrilling for any marketer. It’s a true honour to contribute to a Vancouver icon like the Stanley Park Railway.

Working with the Vancouver Park Board team since 2010, our collaboration and branding efforts continue to make the trains a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Here’s to many more successful projects together!

The REX Agency | City of Vancouver (Stanley Park Railway) -  Image Name


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