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Emelle’s Catering is a celebrated Vancouver catering company. Founded in 1999 by Mary Lee Newnham, Emelle’s is a sought-after Vancouver brand famous for its catering services.

They have been part of many iconic events in Vancouver in the past two decades, including the Olympics and Bard on the Beach. They are also preferred caterers for UBC Boathouse, Science-World, Gallery at the Pavilion, and many more local Vancouver businesses.

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Even for a celebrated and well-known business like Emelle’s, business growth can be stagnant. When they came to us towards the end of 2018, they had already identified a slow down in sales.

The primary reason for the slow down was their over reliance on referrals to drive revenue. They lacked a formal marketing strategy and relied heavily on networking to close clients.

Navigating the competitive landscape of the catering industry that constantly craves innovation, Emelle’s challenge was to establish its unique voice. In a world where clients seek the latest, hottest, and trendiest offerings, the absence of a focused and consistent marketing strategy became a significant challenge for Emelle’s.

Emelle’s recognized an opportunity to celebrate and leverage an important milestone for their company-20 years of catering success-to revitalize the brand and launch an impactful campaign. They asked us to develop a 20-year anniversary campaign that celebrates the magic of Emelle’s in a way that makes long-standing clients feel connected and generate awareness of their brand beyond their existing network.


Based on their business goals and brief we identified the following objectives for the 20-year anniversary campaign:

  • Leverage 20 years of credibility and establish Emelle’s as a strong, local brand
  • Make a splash – Raise brand awareness
  • Position Emelle’s as Vancouver’s caterer, communicating their importance and meaningful history in the local community
  • Refresh the brand visuals and communication style
  • Attract new business through marketing channels aside from personal networking
  • Create a marketing message that encapsulates the essence of Emelle’s brand.

Target Audience for the campaign:

  • Corporate Event Organizers – Professional Event Planners, HR, Office Managers, Marketing Professionals etc.
  • Personal Event Organizers – Friends/Family organizing an event for someone they know

The pain points of the target audience:

  • They need a catering company that will alleviate the stress of planning and can ensure all aspects of the event (guidance, planning, guest experience, food, sustainability, logistics) are taken care of, leaving them to enjoy the event and entertain guests
  • All catering companies look the same to them, so they rely on referrals and other sources that make a company appear credible/reliable

We planned and executed the following for the campaign:

We crafted an integrated 20th anniversary campaign for Emelle’s that celebrated their clients, partners, and team, and showcased the power of celebration. The main story arc of this campaign was to inspire a new audience to trust Emelle’s for all their catering needs be that a glitzy corporate event or joyous personal occasion.
We came up with an overarching campaign theme that will be at the core of all campaign communications: The Power of Celebration. We captured 20 stories from 20 employees, clients, and partners that illustrated 20 years of celebration and connections between Emelle’s and the Vancouver community. The common thread between the stories is the profound impact of celebration, coming together to mark time and to commemorate life’s milestones. The primary call to action was “What will you celebrate this year?”

  • Produced a feature film composed of 20 video interviews, premiered at client’s anniversary party, and distributed as brand content and cut down into targeted advertisements across various online channels.
  • Wrote 20 editorial-style articles, distributed through media outlets, client blog, and displayed in an in-café gallery wall
  • Commissioned an interactive art display of the Vancouver map for the café, that features illustrations of Emelle’s clients, team, and partners, and iconic Vancouver landmarks – infusing the brand into their retail space
  • Hosted a quintessential Emelle’s event at their West side kitchen for clients, team, partners, and local food bloggers and influencers
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Throughout the campaign, we drove customers to Emelle’s website to inquire about customizing the perfect menu for their next celebration. The primary video ad received over 10,000 video views in the first month of launch.


The number of enquiries increased by 135% during the campaign period and they maintained the momentum of this campaign up until the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020.

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