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Greyspace is a distinguished commercial property maintenance company in the lower mainland and the Okanagan.

They are a full-service, all-season property maintenance company and provide a wide range of services to maintain the interior and exterior of a commercial property. They maintain “Grey Spaces” of commercial properties, the spaces which property managers overlook until they are neglected.


  • Brand Discovery + Development
  • Audience Insights + Journey
  • Market Research
  • Positioning + Strategic Narrative


  • Brand Visuals + Identity
  • Digital Brand: Website
  • Display + Brand Experience


Greyspace came to REX as a multisubsidiary brand of snow removal, ground clearing and preparation companies looking to consolidate into one comprehensive and reliable all-season full service commercial property maintenance company.

With a focus on introducing a new standard of professionalism and efficiency to the industry through advanced technology, the entrepreneurial founders were also seeking a memorable brand that both employees and clients could connect with.


The Greyspace brand strategy project made us think deeply about how to integrate several brands into a singular coherent brand that retains the promises & values of these smaller companies and is still uniquely positioned to stand on its own in a crowded marketplace.

The first discovery session with the Greyspace team was dedicated to understanding the company structure. Each sub-company had its unique selling proposition and specific services it provided. Each company had a unique business model, different objectives and aspirations. We had to coalesce many different priorities into a singular vision that works for everyone involved.

Our research involved understanding the following about each company:

  • Industry/Category/Vertical Sector
  • Product /Service Offering Description
  • Positioning and Distinctions
  • Target Audience
  • Sales and Lead Generation Process 
  • Customer Engagement Process
  • Employees & Culture
  • Company Structure

In our outside-in discovery, we deployed our resources to develop the following:

  • Target Audience Personas and Journeys
  • Competitive Landscape (SWOT, PESTEL, PORTE R et al.)
  • Brand Perception in the Digital Landscape
  • Our proprietary F.O.C.U.S research

Fusing all of the above research, our brand strategist developed a comprehensive brand compass that articulates how all these different elements come together to form Greyspace and what they hope to achieve in the market. They created the brand name Greyspace to unify all these smaller companies into one and created the tag “The space your patrons don’t notice until it’s neglected”.

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Through our deep strategic and targeted market and audience research, Greyspace launched as a successful full-service all-season commercial property maintenance company that directly served the need for simplicity and stress free client service.


The refreshed nature-based visual identity instills the experiential feeling of purpose and trust, elevating the brand experience of Greyspace for both their clients and their internal team.

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