5 Valentine’s Campaign Ideas for 2020

by | Jan 14, 2020

Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to market your product or service as a gift for lovebirds! Here are some trends we’ve noticed and ideas for what you can put together for a Valentine’s Campaign in 2020.


1. Bundling to make the perfect gift set

Partner with another company to make your product/service into a package deal, making it easy for the gift giver to get their shopping done all in one go. Pair sweets with wine, skincare with bath products, flowers with ceramics… the bundling possibilities are endless!

Remember to play to your niche! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to provide products or services you wouldn’t normally offer. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and would like a couple to dine at your restaurant, offer a taxi voucher so they can both enjoy the wine!

Here’s an example: Hazelton’s knows Valentine’s Day pairings! From wine to chocolates to flowers to teddy bears, they fit all of the requirements.

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2. Offering personalization

If personalizing your product is not something you offer year-round, offer personalization to make it an extra special gift. Create custom designs, offer engraving, or another personalization that feels unique.

One trend to keep in mind for 2020 is thoughtful touches. Rather than personalization with their name or a date, consider ‘hidden personalizations’; offer products that help tell a story or recreate a memory in some small way.


3. Creating keepsakes

The best gifts are ones that you can cherish for a long time! If you offer something that is enjoyed only once or for a short time, like food or flowers, consider how you could create an add-on (that could be branded with your visual identity) that a couple would want to keep in a scrapbook or memory box in their home.

Dried flower bouquets are a beautiful scented touch to any gift that can be preserved and loved longer than fresh flowers. Alternatively, providing beautifully customized paper or booklets that can be used to exchange love notes or convey their partner’s significance can be a memory for years to come.

Here’s an example: Travolution reminds us of this wonderful keepsake campaign by On The Beach, a UK-based travel company. For their 2019 Valentine’s Day Campaign, On The Beach partnered with artist Dom&Ink to illustrate photos of couples on the beach, which were sent to them over Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using the hashtag #loveonthebeach. Selected winners keep the digital artwork as a keepsake.

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4. Gifting an experience

Fewer people are gifting material items and more are going for experiences. Like going for a spa day together, going to see a show, or enjoying a special meal. Consider how you could turn your product into an experience that creates the space for meaningful connections between people.

How can you do this? Turn your product into a class! If you’re a coffee shop, offer a class on how to make latte art. Florist – bouquet arrangements. If you make pizzas, many pizza-loving couples would love to tackle tossing dough together. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s an example: Who better to provide a product experience than Tiffany & Co.? They mastered this with their 2018 Valentine’s Day Tiffany’s Tattoo Shop campaign by creating a way for their followers to customize a ‘tattoo’ to be used on social media photos. The result: they receive branded customer photos, and their customers get an interactive experience!

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5. Promoting self-care

These days, it’s all about treating yo self. Everyone deserves to feel special and loved on Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re in a relationship or not, self-love is key. Try promoting a new angle for your product/service as a way for people to practice self-care.

Self-care is not only physical – it is important to care for your mental wellbeing, as well. At the point of sale, consider including cards with tips on how to care for yourself and practice reflection, and how your product/service can aid the process.


Regardless of the service that you provide or industry that you are in, there is a perfect way to market to your niche leading up to Valentine’s Day! We hope that following one of these 5 trends helps to step up your Valentine’s Day marketing game.

Feel like you might not have the capacity to implement a campaign yourself? Let us know about your next campaign at info@startwithrex.com and we’d love to help implement something dazzling.



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