Advertising Effectiveness 101: A Guide

by | Oct 1, 2019

The purpose of an ad is to make your audience feel something, think something, and do something in relation to your brand. You invest a significant amount into your advertising — make sure it is working hard for you! Your ad may be functional, but is it effective? Use our free guide below to judge your current advertising.

Your ad may be functional, but is it effective? 1. What does it make you feel? Anxious? Inspired? Silly? Confused? Hopeful? Overwhelmed? Nostalgic? Empathetic? Is that feeling what you intend your audience to feel? If not, consider changing your photography or imagery, colour choice, or layout to make the right impact. People often make decisions with emotions first. So it's important that your ad is evoking the right emotional response with potential customers. 2. What does it make you think about the brand? That it is boldly challenging the status quo? That it is the most established, credible and reliable? That it is sincere and people-driven? That it is grassroots and local? That it is luxurious and exclusive? Is that thought what you want your audience to believe? If not, consider changing your messaging, photography, or graphic style. The brands we choose to buy from says something about us, it's like choosing who we want our friends to be! So it's important that the right brand persona is shining through. 3. What does it make you want to do? Does it encourage you to learn more? Self-reflect? Change your behaviour? Buy? Tell a friend? Run away? If the ad does not inspire you to take the desired action, consider changing your messaging to reach your objective. Marketing effectiveness is not only measured by immediate conversions or transactions. Your brand is what your audience perceives you to be, and that is influenced by how you make them feel and think about you and about themselves. The effectiveness of your brand, communications, and designs can be assessed by answering the 3 questions above. Make sure you are designing your brand touchpoints and experience with that in mind!


If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, a Brand Strategy could help.

A Brand Strategy:

  • Helps you determine what to say to make your audience care
  • Empowers your vision so that execution is seamless
  • Directs the course for your brand, providing clarity, direction, and confidence in navigating the journey through business growth
  • Is the foundation for building a successful, long-lasting brand that makes a meaningful impact on your audience
  • Is a powerful tool to help you consistently express your brand value, so your audience will walk away with the intended feelings and beliefs and inspired to take action

If that sounds like it would be beneficial to you, let’s talk more!


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