Behind the Scenes: Emelle’s Catering 20-year Anniversary Campaign Video

by | Mar 27, 2019

The REX team recently just wrapped up a 2-day video production shoot for our client Emelle’s Catering!

REX is producing a creative campaign in partnership with Dock Visual Media around the idea of “20 years + 20 stories of Emelle’s in Vancouver.” The strategy is to capture 20 stories from 20 people (employees, clients, partners) that illustrate 20 years of history/moments in Vancouver, meaningful and recognizable Vancouver places, and how Emelle’s was involved in those impactful moments. Our objective is to create a deep, meaningful connection with the Emelle’s audience, relate to shared experiences, feel connected to Vancouver, and feel proud to be Vancouverites.

Here are some photos behind the scenes of the video shoot!

We’re really honoured to be working with Emelle’s on their 20-year anniversary campaign. Emelle’s Catering is well-known for their commitment to being of service to their clients, their team, their community, and the planet. They believe in good old-fashioned hospitality – giving every guest that walks through their door a “food hug”. They are inclusive employers, welcoming staff members of all orientations and abilities. They practised sustainability before it was mainstream, serving only locally and ethically sourced food. Their clients include some of the most iconic Vancouver venues – including Science World, The Vancouver Rowing Club, Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden, and more. They also own and operate a café in Mount Pleasant. They are true Vancouverites at heart. These are some of the things that make us proud to call them a client and our friends!

We can’t wait to show you once it’s done! The film will be premiered at the Emelle’s private anniversary party in May, and shared online throughout the campaign. Stay tuned!

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