Brand Discovery – A.K.A. Your REX Therapy Session

by | Jun 23, 2020

As you browse for agencies to work with, you will notice a common word that many will use as a description of part of their process: Brand Discovery.


What is Brand Discovery Session?

A brand discovery session is how many agencies would describe your initial kickoff meeting. It is their way of discovering exactly who you are, what you do, and how to serve you best. That is the typical approach. With REX, however, Discovery takes on a whole new meaning.


At the basis of it, a brand discovery session is usually a 3-hour meeting where we seek to:

  • Understand your business from the inside out
  • Understand your strongest voice in the market
  • Understand your business from the outside in


However, REX Discovery sessions have been frequently related to therapy. Through discovery, we gain a deep-rooted understanding of you – the entrepreneur. It is where we set the groundwork that will lead to the entire formation of your brand/campaign/strategy. After all, we cannot truly determine what is best for you and your brand if we do not know:


  • Who you are at your core? What are your values, beliefs, your reason for being as a company?
  • What you do. This goes far beyond simply the services you provide. It is what you really do, connecting your brand’s overarching impact, and it’s something an audience can understand within 3 seconds of being introduced to your brand.
  • What you say about yourselves. What is your voice? How do you present yourself to your audience? And are your staff, your strongest brand ambassadors, all on the same page?


As we dig deeper and ask tough questions, it is not uncommon that you may unlock deeper understandings of your own vision through our process. We may unearth truths about your company that were previously unclear. Or solidify beliefs and values that you hadn’t placed your finger on.


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