Here We Grow Again – Meet your Digital Performance Manager, Garvit!

by | Dec 21, 2022

The REX team is continuously evolving, and as our team grows, we want to show you why they’re so awesome. Garvit, our Digital Marketing Manager, has transitioned to a new role as Digital Performance Manager.

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Here’s a little bit about Garvit and how he’s liking his new role.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

The digital privacy landscape has changed a lot in the past few years. Recent privacy updates from Apple (iOS14 update) and Google (Chrome 3rd party cookie update for 2023) have wreaked havoc on marketing teams worldwide.

With these changes, the measurement of the effectiveness of marketing has become increasingly complex. Marketing teams across the board are struggling to measure the impact of their efforts. So managing and improving marketing performance is critically hinged on gauging and measuring marketing KPIs. How would you improve something without knowing what strategy/tactic/creative worked and what didn’t work?

These are chaotic but challenging and exciting times for someone like me. I thrive in these situations and am excited to figure out how to measure and improve marketing effectiveness.


What do you like about your new role as Digital Performance Manager?

It’s a new role so that itself is exciting. This new role has allowed me to question and consider the impact before a marketing strategy or tactic is implemented.

  • Do these strategies/tactics align with the business goals?
  • Which marketing and branding KPIs should we track and measure?
  • Can we accurately measure these KPIs?
  • Do we need additional software to track and measure?
  • Does it even make sense to spend additional dollars on 3rd party tracking systems?

These kinds of problems and how to solve them are highly engaging and are something I look forward to everyday at work as a Digital Performance Manager.


What do you hope to accomplish/get out of your new role?

In all the things we do at REX, our foremost goal is to help our clients magnify their impact.

I hope we continue doing this for brands making a positive difference in the world. This is the most organic and intuitive way to grow our impact. It is an everyday goal to make a difference and care about the problems of the brands we work with and help solve them.


What type of clients are you excited to work with?

Any small business who are hustling hard and who genuinely care about its product/service offering, its customers, its employees and the world around them. Those are the type of clients I want to work with and help grow.


What do you want to tell your clients about you?

I am a marketer at heart and love solving business problems. My focus is on marketing performance, i.e. how to define, measure, track, and analyze marketing KPIs. I am equal parts analytical and equal parts emotional. Both characteristics are critical for understanding marketing problems and finding solutions to those problems. Jay Baer puts it nicely about the marketing conundrum in the age of data.

We are surrounded by data but starved for insights.

My goal for our clients is to capture the data that matters (because there is so much data) and help find insights that improve marketing effectiveness.


Has your WHY changed in the past 1.5 years being at REX?

My WHY hasn’t changed in the last 1.5 years. I still want to build a better understanding of why we humans do what we do. From raging wars to holding together through pandemics, we have infinite potential to create and destroy. In between those extremes lies the understanding of the “Why.”


That’s all from Garvit – your Digital Performance Manager! To see the rest of the REX team, visit our Team page. Ready to speak with us about your next project? Contact us today to get started.