Welcome to the team, Amanda!

by | Dec 10, 2020

Meet Amanda, the newest addition to the REX team! We are very excited for you all to get to know her. She’s an ambitious go-getter, whip-smart, and a foodie! Here’s a bit about Amanda.


The REX Agency | Welcome to the team, Amanda! - amanda-first day

Amanda studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the Marketing Management, Communications program. She found that it merged two passions for her, sciences and creativity.

Amanda has two sides to her a love for sciences, especially the human body and mind. The other side is her creative one. She finds joy from creating paintings, drawings, sewing, and making new recipes from scratch. Out of all the meals she has made, the best ones always were the ones that were made up in the moment. These two sides came to life during her time at BCIT. It allowed her to be analytical and curious to ask WHY and HOW. Then, take it to the next level by visualizing creative solutions and ways to solve problems.

Why marketing?
Amanda loves that marketing and branding at its core is storytelling. Using imagery, colour palettes, voice and messaging and positioning to bring to life a business owner, founder, or CEO’s dream.

Why Amanda joined REX?
A REX team member had met with Amanda at a networking event a few years back and shared advice and insight that resonated. From that point she know, if the opportunity arose to join the REX team, she would do her best to make it happen.

Amanda’s WHY?
There is no better feeling than watching someone get fired up about something they accomplished, are passionate about, how they overcame a challenge or tried something new. You feel their excitement and glow, and it lifts you. Her WHY is to work towards helping those feel empowered in their personal and professional life.

If you ask her if she is tea or coffee person… she is a defiantly a tea person!
That’s Amanda! To see the rest of the REX team, visit our Team page. Ready to speak with us about your next project? Contact us today to get started!