REX Marketing + Design Inc. is Thrilled to Receive Perfect 5-Star Review on Clutch

by | Jan 31, 2020


Did you know that 77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans? At REX Marketing + Design, we are dedicated to fostering brand growth in the areas of brand strategy, visual identity, engagement, marketing action plans, and campaigns. We are passionate supporters of businesses with big visions, helping them rally their audience by rethinking, reframing, and revitalizing their brand.


Recently, one of our clients, Fresh in your Fridge, shared their experience on a review platform, Clutch, which ranked us as one of the top-performing branding agencies in Canada. We helped Fresh In Your Fridge define their brand strategy for growth and brought it to life with a visual rebrand and a new website.


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REX Marking + Design Inc. received perfect 5.0 ratings in the four evaluation categories of meeting deadlines, appropriate cost, quality of service and deliverables, and willingness to refer to other companies. Fresh in your Fridge shared appreciation of our genuine interest in clients, and our frequent communication.


The CEO of Fresh in your Fridge, Erika Weissenborn, applauds the impact of our brand discovery and brand strategy service. Instead of going straight into visual development and logo design, we work with our clients to define their brand position and messaging in order to most effectively capture the character of the brand and make their marketing effective. Knowing that it takes only 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand, we emphasize the substantial impact of curating a meaningful and intentional brand narrative that builds loyalty and causes action.


After understanding the values of Fresh in your Fridge, we were ready to build a visual identity for our client. We crafted a website, exhibiting refreshing photographs and a redesigned logo that is consistent across social media channels.


The REX Agency | REX Marketing + Design Inc. is Thrilled to Receive Perfect 5-Star Review on Clutch - Picture2


REX Marketing + Design Inc. is incredibly flattered to receive such positive feedback from clients. We take to heart unique missions and we strive to create meaningful, personal connections with clients. Fresh in your Fridge’s recognition for providing excellent branding materials while building confidence for an extraordinary business means the world to our team.


“Everyone loved the new website and branding materials; they’re all really colorful, bright, and expressive. I actually still get great feedback today. I just feel really confident about the brand that we have set up. The strategy provided us with a way to more consistently express our values and how we work. The process of building the brand with the team at REX really helped me understand every element, and the importance of a well thought out strategy and identity such as ours.”

  • Erika Weissenborn, CEO, Fresh in your Fridge


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