REX Client Testimonials

by | Jul 16, 2018

Testimonials hold immense importance for a brand as they genuinely reflect the customer experience, instilling trust and credibility in potential clients. When clients share their positive feedback and experiences with a brand, it creates powerful social proof that can influence the purchasing decisions of others. Impromptu client testimonials are particularly valuable as they capture satisfied customers’ spontaneous and heartfelt reactions. These testimonials provide authentic insights into how the brand has positively impacted real people, showcasing the brand’s effectiveness, reliability, and value. They offer a glimpse into the tangible benefits and results that customers have achieved through their association with the brand, giving potential clients confidence that they, too, can expect similar positive outcomes.


The following testimonials were spontaneously offered at an event where REX Marketing + Design, and Allison, were featured.



Grant Blanden – PuroClean Property Restoration (21 seconds).



Moshe Ben-Shlomo – Owner of Dermaroller, OxyGeneo, Prophecy Cream, FreezPen, and DermaSpark Products Inc (36 seconds).



Sheetal Gupta – Owner/Gemologist of Maharani Jewels Fine Jewelry (17 seconds)