A New but Familiar Face – Welcome Aboard, Alex!

by | Mar 9, 2021

Here we grow again! At REX, we’re continuing to expand our digital marketing and content production unit. To help spearhead this department, we’ve brought onboard Alex Estanislao as a Marketing Content Producer! Alex is a friendly, familiar face to our team – as we actually met Alex when we were working in CMPNY, the shared co-working office space. It was there that she got to know Allison and observe our team furiously running in and out of meetings. We’re thrilled that we now get to welcome her into the REX family. Here’s an introductory Q&A with Alex so you can learn a bit about her!


The REX Agency | A New but Familiar Face - Welcome Aboard, Alex! - Alex-first day-blog


Tell us a little bit about you and your background!

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies at Capilano University and took Digital Marketing at BCIT. I have a passion for relationship-building and connecting communities both online and offline. I’m a big people person and am genuinely curious about how people move in the world. I’ve always dabbled with a creative outlet of some sort and enjoy creating handcrafted home decor and art pieces in my spare time.


What do you love most about marketing and branding?

What I love most about marketing and branding is how it forces us to continuously evolve as technology is always growing and changing. I’m captivated with the story-telling process and the creative planning that comes with exploring a new client and learning about their “WHY”. The journey of initially learning about their story and transforming that vision to life through creative content, visuals, social strategy, and more is what I enjoy the most.


What attracted you to working at REX?

What attracted me to REX was their drive to really make a difference with every client they work with. Their values-based approach and set of values as a team are what instantly drew me in. REX’s authenticity and vision for constant growth are what I admire and I’m so excited to evolve alongside them.


What is your WHY (we’re always obsessed with WHY!)

For me, my WHY is sparking connection. Whether that’s connecting with others in a way that leaves us both in awe of the conversation, giving that “AHA” moment. Or connecting people through networking and mutual friends. Connection and community to me are what sparks joy.

When you’re weaving together a client’s vision from notes you’ve taken on a piece of paper and can transform that into content that reflects their story. Witnessing that excitement in their eyes that we’ve managed to connect the dots for them in a way that just makes sense – it’s a beautiful thing to see. My WHY is to continuously strive to spark meaningful connections and build them.


Any fun facts about you that you’d want our clients to know?

I’m a coffee connoisseur. If you need help finding the newest coffee shop with the best beans, or one with strong wifi and free parking. I’m your girl.


That’s Alex! To see the rest of the REX team, visit our Team page. Ready to speak with us about your next project? Contact us today to get started!