Your people don’t make your company different.

by | Dec 17, 2022


Your people don’t make your company different. It’s your difference that attracts good people.


Read that again.


Every successful small business owner comes to a crossroads where they are challenged to articulate what makes their company different.


In fact, when you get to a certain size, you can’t grow or even maintain (you will eventually start to crumble) if you don’t get really clear on your difference.


Know this: It’s your difference that powers success in marketing, sales, product and service development, culture, and recruiting, through growth.


Perhaps you’ve had brainstorming sessions about your difference and it sounds like this…?


  • “It’s our people!”
  • “We really care more than the other guys!”
  • “It’s our amazing customer service!”


I promise you, this is NOT your difference. You must go deeper.


I’ll say it again: your people don’t make your company different. It’s your difference that attracts good people.


If you’re asking, “But I never articulated my difference before. It’s worked to this point. Why does it matter now?”


Til now, that difference hasn’t been communicated through words, it’s been communicated through your presence and leadership. You’ve attracted employees and customers who believe in what you’re doing. That works when you’re small. But, now that you’ve grown, you can’t have the same impact.


You know that. You feel it…You seem to have hit a plateau, you can’t attract top talent as a small business, formerly A-players are a bit testy, your marketing is all over the place, you don’t have your finger on the pulse of all the things anymore, and you don’t love what you’re seeing.


If you want to grow, be more profitable at your current size, or recover the ground you’ve lost – this is your sign…


It’s time to do the deep work required to articulate your difference and the story you tell about it. It is the missing link to ignite momentum in your business.


What’s your difference?


P.S. REX has a structured process designed to help founders and leadership teams uncover, align, and rally around the difference that will fuel success throughout your company. If you need support, reach out and ask us about Brand Strategy, Differentiation, and Strategic Narrative.