Our very own energizer bunny, Ravleen!

by | Jun 28, 2021

The first half of 2021 has been a major growth spurt for REX. With more collaborators, more integrated approaches, and more opportunities to make our greater impact, we needed someone to keep our execution and implementation on track. We’re excited to announce that Ravleen Girgla has joined the REX team as our Project Coordinator! For those of you that have met Ravleen, you know that her energy and enthusiasm leave an impression that lasts! We’re so grateful to have her on board, adding more brilliance and creativity to REX. Here’s an introductory Q&A with Ravleen so you can learn a bit about her!


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Tell us a little bit about you and your background!

I have been a competitive dancer for over 15 years and the art form taught me two key things: storytelling and discipline. I wanted to find the same environment that dance put me in in my work, hence marketing. Throughout my time in university, I’ve been involved in a variety of projects and have been heavily involved in the student community and that’s where my love for working collaboratively and creatively comes from.

I’ll be graduating soon with a BBA from the Beedie School of Business at SFU with a concentration in Marketing and HR and a certificate in Criminology. My work experience comes from participating in and designing case competitions, being a student leader and working in a variety of client-centric and marketing roles.


What do you love most about marketing and branding?

Marketing is the perfect blend of business, art, and psychology. I find the process of curating stories and finding the heart of the message so interesting. The best part is that good marketing has the power to make a great impact. I love that the work we do can inspire people to take action and give them the courage to express themselves.


What attracted you to working at REX?

The people. When I first began looking into the company online, I watched the Inside a Rebrand series and could feel the team’s passion and energy through the screen. When I finally met the team, I felt like I had known them forever. Everyone brings their whole self to work and puts their all into each and every project. That was something I really admired and wanted to be a part of.


What is your WHY (we’re always obsessed with WHY!)

What pushes me to do what I do is realizing that every day is an opportunity to grow in a new way. I live for that “Eureka!” moment when you see people light up and be excited about the process. I love seeing people and things come together to create impactful art because it’s the best space to be in.


That’s Ravleen! To see the rest of the REX team, visit our Team page. Ready to speak with us about your next project? Contact us today to get started!