A visual rebrand is challenging for any business. Everyone has opinions and it's tough to be objective. Follow our journey as we rebrand REX and learn from our award-winning approach in our series, Inside a Rebrand!

You can't see the label when you're in the jar. That's why it's so valuable to have a strategic agency lead you through the rebranding process to make sure that you arrive at a visual identity that speaks to you and your audience.

If you're looking for an agency, this 4-part mini series will take you behind the scenes at what goes into creating award-winning results at REX. And, if hiring an agency isn't in the budget, we invite you to borrow our process to achieve better results, free downloads included.

Episode 1 Trailer: Rebranding REX

Episode 3 Trailer: Choosing A Concept

Episode 2 Trailer: Creative Exploration

Episode 4 Trailer: Bringing Our Brand to Life

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FREE Resources For Your Creative Projects

Thank you so much for watching Inside A Rebrand! We hope that you’ve learned a few things about the creative process. To help you implement some of the key concepts, we’re providing you with 2 free resources that will kick-start your creative project with clear strategy and objectives, and give you prompts and scripts for better communication with your team and more effective feedback which will lead to the best results.


A Guided template to clear and comprehensive creative briefs that get better results. This is what our agency uses for any creative project, from the production of a brochure to a fully integrated marketing campaign. This e-book includes:

  • What is a creative brief?
  • Why is it important?
  • How and when to deliver a creative brief?
  • Our agency’s complete template that you can fill in digitally or by hand


A guide to delivering strategic and effective design feedback that gets better results. This is the process that our agency has developed over years of collaborating with different types of teams on creative projects. This e-book includes:

  • Why it matters how you deliver your feedback
  • 5 elements of giving effective design feedback
  • Questions to ask yourself and your team when reviewing creative
  • Prompts and scripts for constructive conversation
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