Because you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame, we help you take your brand forward by coming at it from an outside perspective.

Our clients are experienced industry leaders. But experience also creates blind spots. We help our clients get results by bringing an outside perspective, uncovering the uniqueness they may take for granted, and reframing their value in ways that impact their customer.

If any of these sound familiar to you, it may be time to start with REX.

  • There are so many ways to market our business these days. We don’t know where to focus!
  • We don’t consistently keep up with our marketing. We just don’t have time.
  • If you look at our marketing, there are inconsistencies in how our brand is represented and it’s causing confusion. We need to pull it all together!
  • I’m not sure if what we are saying and how we are marketing ourselves is making an impact and connecting with our target audience. We don’t know if we have the right tools.
  • We’re not getting leads or we’re not getting the right leads.
  • What used to work isn’t working anymore.
  • The brand doesn’t feel right. I’m uninspired, bored, and not proud of presenting it.
  • We keep losing business to other companies when I know we have great value to offer. What are we missing?
  • We are launching a new business, product or service and want to make a splash!
  • The business has shifted and we need to refine and define our brand while taking advantage of this re-launch opportunity to get noticed by new and existing clients.
  • I want to sell or franchise my business and I need to package the brand and marketing model to boost the company value.
  • We are raising capital and need help pitching an investment.
  • Our marketing team is overwhelmed and we could use more people-power
  • The business is growing! We need clarity and focus in order to systemize our marketing.
  • We want to increase visibility for our business but we’re not sure which marketing platforms would be the most effective
  • Something has changed in the business and it needs to be reflected in our branding and communications
  • We’ve had a challenge in recent times (i.e. negative PR, downsizing, industry changes) and we want to address it powerfully with a brand strategy
  • We’ve been successful with our brand, it’s time to improve how we communicate our value so that we can expand and reach a larger audience
  • We want to expand our marketing efforts and we need to make sure we’re doing it strategically
  • It’s time! We’re ready to make a big impact with our brand
  • Every location/office/department are doing things differently; we need to get on the same page company-wide with our brand and marketing strategy.
  • Our brand has become diluted (i.e. stated to feel too corporate) as we’ve grown. We need to get back to our roots, connect to our audience, and make a bigger impact.
  • We’ve got lots of great internal ideas from our marketing team, and we need a strategic partner to focus and facilitate the vision
  • We continuously assess our marketing strategy and priorities, it’s time for a fresh perspective
  • We need to ensure that we are allocating marketing resources strategically and intelligently
  • We are bored with our message and want a fresh new perspective to create more unique and useful marketing content
  • We want to focus on internal brand adoption

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