The return of regenerative farming.


Country Blaze Growers (CBG) is an innovative cannabis cultivator looking to revolutionize the way we approach farming, not only for cannabis, but for all crops. CBG is committed to regenerative agricultural practices, allowing them to grow crops with a carbon-neutral footprint and considerably less water than a typical farming practice. Their vision is to encourage the return to regenerative farming — to sustain our farmers, our health, and our ecosystem.

Projects Completed
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Sales Collateral

Visual Identity

The Objectives
  • Design a robust visual identity with a meaningful connection to the agriculture industry and their farming philosophy
  • Engage both the local community and corporate investors / partners, building trust and credibility
  • Create a scalable logo system that is legible across all sales and marketing material
The Approach

The CBG brand voice is bold, and needed to be balanced with a clean and professional visual language. Every element of the visual identity was inspired by the leadership team’s passion for protecting the planet. We designed a logo mark that captured the scenery of their Kamloops farm. For a brand texture, we took inspiration from the topographical landscape of their farm. Immersive and breathtaking imagery of Kamloops illustrates their connection to nature.