Introducing a new way to feed a changing world.

meet the client

CubicFarm Systems Corp. is a category-defining ag-tech innovator that is changing the way we produce our food and animal feed. They offer a sustainable solution to leafy green farming that is truly local, safe, climate-resilient, and profitable for farmers. To announce their new category, “Local Chain Ag-Tech,” they hosted a virtual launch event called CubicFarms AMPLIFIED in October 2021.


Projects Completed
  • Launch Event Strategy + Design support
  • Launch Event Video Production + Script
  • Event Visual Identity and Video Style Guide
  • Event Promotion and Advertising Campaign

Event Advertising Campaign


CubicFarms AMPLIFIED was a virtual event that was open to the public but targeted to specific audience segments: Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Media.

  • The aim of the campaign was to drive at least 150 registrations to the virtual event
  • Keep the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) at around $50 or lower
  • Capture organized data for future advertising initiatives
  • This was the first event of its kind for CubicFarms, and we were defining a new promotional strategy without any previous company benchmarks or analytics to inform our approach
  • The topic of agriculture technology and sustainability are hot-button topics that are likely to drive controversy online – we had to be mindful of audience barriers in our ad copy and proactive in addressing the comment threads

We used a multi-channel approach to drive both awareness and registrations.

Awareness was driven through high visibility banner advertising through the Google network and registrations were driven through frictionless Lead Gen sign up on both Facebook & LinkedIn.

Audiences with interests in agriculture and sustainability were targeted in order to capture individuals that were likely to attend the event. On LinkedIn, we were able to target individuals based on occupation.

The ad creative approach was to resonate with timely topics that were top-of-mind for audiences. These included the 2021 summer drought, heat waves, and other severe climate events that were causing supply chain disruptions around the globe.

We used imagery to depict drought paired with ad copy that promoted “the best ag-tech innovation in the battle against crippling drought,” and “See the ag-tech advancement that helps farmers tackle a changing climate and food insecurity, globally.”

A secondary ad set promoted the virtual event’s keynote speaker, Astronaut and Commander Chris Hadfield to drive audience interest and event credibility.


The campaign ran for approximately 1.5 months leading up to the event. Throughout, we carefully monitored results, refreshed creative, and adjusted ad spend to optimize the campaign. As a result, we exceeded advertising targets while staying within the client budget.

Overall Results across Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn:

  • 3,427,285 Impressions
  • 6,516 Clicks
  • 19% Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • 583 Registrations (over the target)
  • $11,026 Spend
  • $18.91 CPA (under the target)