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BOOM is a team of creative strategists and event producers. They exist to provide a new lens in which you see your events and to help you visualize the possibilities for your organization to make a big impact and build deep influence. In everything they do, they drive towards building the influence of brands who value, unite, and connect people.


Projects Completed
  • Brand Discovery + Compass
  • Visual Identity Rebrand
  • Custom Website Design + Development
  • Client Engagement Process (Pitch Deck, Proposal Template)

Visual Identity Rebrand

The Objectives

With clarified brand strategy and positioning, BOOM needed a visual identity that would provide as much impact as they do for their clients.

  • We wanted to allow BOOM to be the canvas in which the clients and the work are the feature presentations
  • It was critical to stand out from the patterns commonly seen in the competition/industry, who use a lot of feminine elements and over-the-top playful colours
The Challenges

The main challenges we had to overcome in this project were:

  1. We had to work with the client’s existing logo, as there was a sense of brand recognition already amongst their audiences.
  2. It could be considered a blessing or a curse, but the client had a massive library of event photography. For this reason, we did not need to source stock imagery — instead, we sifted through hundreds of image banks to hand-pick the best. The photographs were not incredibly impactful on their own, so we had to find a way to liven them up.
The Strategy

These challenges informed our opportunities and strategy to lean into dynamic typography and drastic photo treatments.

The creative strategy was distilled with a deep understanding of the brand’s persona, as well as the personas and psychographics of BOOM’s 3 target audiences. Ultimately, we needed to appeal to the client’s main audience (fortune 500 marketing directors) who crave the wow-factor and want to be impressed.

The desired visual impact was for BOOM to present as:

  • Creative
  • Human
  • Professional + polished
  • Sexy + cool

The brand needed to inspire confidence and trust, come off as genuine and authentic, and not overly luxury or premium.

The Approach

Using the client’s existing logo, we built a fully robust visual language that could tell a layered story. The execution included brand colour palettes, repeatable background elements, and photo treatments to create an impactful first impression with our target audience.

In a competitive industry that focuses on imagery, the decision to highlight bold photos was a no-brainer, but just like the BOOM event experience, an ordinary event photo wouldn’t cut it. To get the audience to visualize the possibilities for their own event, a duo-toned overlay is applied to all imagery mirroring the signature BOOM event lighting. Pairing this image style with bold headlines with called out keywords, the viewer’s imagination is ignited.

The Results
  • An entirely new visual identity that not only works cohesively with the existing logo, but enhances it
  • A repeatable brand treatment that the team feels comfortable using on all of their materials
  • A dynamic and engaging way to showcase event photography in case studies and proposals
  • A stand-out brand that is distinguished from the other players in the market
  • A visual style that feels true to where the brand has evolved, and to the trajectory in which they will continue to grow

2019 MarCom Awards Gold Winner

Category: Strategic Communications | Branding

Custom Website

The Objectives

With clarified brand positioning as experience-makers and bold new branding, the website acts as a critical intersection point and an opportunity to take the audience on a journey through the BOOM experience. The company needed a website that would help them rise above the noise of a competitive industry and that would showcase their company personality.

The new website had to accomplish two main things:

  1. Give the user a taste of the BOOM event planning experience
  2. Showcase BOOM’s impressive portfolio in an exciting and captivating way
The Strategy

The new website was designed to invite users into the event experience by using full-screen imagery to create an impactful first impression. The photos were treated with an overlay that represents BOOM’s signature event lighting. Every image on the website is a real image from a BOOM event. This duotone overlay turned even ordinary photos into beautiful impactful experiences.

From the Homepage to the Connect page the website creates a unique experience for the user much like the experience one would have when collaborating with BOOM.

The Services pages are tailored to speak to the direct deep needs of potential customers, speaking to the outcome they want instead of focusing on feature, advantage, benefits statements. This strategy adds to the user experience by relating to their needs, not selling to them, which aligns with the BOOM sales process.

The Result

The result is a custom website that:

  • Increases the brand’s credibility with leads and prospects
  • Illustrates a compelling and unique brand story and connects with customers on an emotional and philosophical level, which stands apart from competitors’ strictly SEO-driven sites
  • Presents the wow-factor that BOOM delivers in their event strategies
  • Makes the “retail shelf” of this service company clear, so that customers understand how to buy
  • Feels true to the tone and voice of the people on the BOOM team

2020 AVA Digital Awards Gold Winner

Category: Website Redesign