Concordia Group builds the local economy by working with local developers to build communities that support local business.


Concordia Group offers off-market & creative real estate acquisition strategies for local commercial developers, investors, and tenants. In a world-class international city such as Vancouver, their creative real estate strategy is the difference maker for local commercial developers, buyers, tenants, and – ultimately – for the local economy.

Projects Completed
  • Brand Discovery + Compass
  • Visual Identity

Brand Discovery + Compass

The Challenge

Concordia Group had seen success over the years as a result of their expertise. To strengthen their market position, Concordia Group sought out REX as an agency partner to develop a professional strategic approach to their brand and marketing activities.

Our challenge was to build a recognizable, memorable brand that is executed consistently through all marketing touch points. In order to do that, we needed to articulate the brand value, story, and key messages that accurately reflected Concordia Group’s leadership team, values, and vision.


1. Local Mid-sized Developers

2. Local Businesses (Commercial tenants & investors)

Strategy + Approach

Through Brand Discovery, we revealed Concordia Group’s distinct impact and crafted a brand story that would connect with their ideal clientele. Upon researching the competitive landscape in their industry, we understood that many players in the market were trying to “be everything to everyone” and boast their international presence. We pinpointed a unique market position for Concordia Group as the ally of the local market, supporting the local economy.

With a clarified strategic positioning, REX formulated a robust brand strategy that would give the company a competitive edge and key messages that would address their audience’s pain points and concerns.

The Results

The strategy, documented in their Brand Compass, provides clarity and direction for Concordia Group, making the process of attracting and engaging their customers more streamlined and consistent. Their team is armed to confidently attend networking and speaking opportunities, having strategic communication points in their back pocket. Concordia Group can succinctly speak to the unique value that they bring in a way that their audience can appreciate, and integrate core messages into all marketing touch points.

Visual Identity

The Objectives

Concordia Group required a new, sleek visual identity that reflected their brand positioning and personality. We wanted to:

  • Visually convey their creative approach to serving their customers
  • Feel professional and convey expertise
  • Have a creative, original look and feel
  • Appear local and welcoming as opposed to corporate
  • Be relatable to the Vancouver market
The Strategy

Based on the strategy, we chose a refined, creative, and elegant visual direction. The direction aimed to visually convey Concordia Group’s outside the box approach to real estate by contrasting classical design elements with a contemporary bold aesthetic. By overlapping design features, we disrupt conventional layouts.


The three-dimensional graphic icon in the Concordia Group logo illustrates the brand’s outside the box methods through a play on perspective. The abstract nature of the design challenges the viewer to rethink their understanding of what they perceive. It communicates the idea that Concordia Group is able to see an open space for a valuable opportunity; while other realtors’ lack of imagination and insight prohibits them from seeing hidden market potential.