The Gold Standard of Micro-Needling.


DermaSpark Products Inc., a distributor of medical-aesthetics equipment, was approached to distribute the Dermaroller® into the highly competitive Canadian aesthetics market. The Dermaroller is the original micro-needling device offering clinically proven collagen induction therapy, a non-invasive anti-aging and wrinkle-reduction treatment.

Dermaroller had not established a Canadian presence or brand recognition. From limited source content from the manufacturer and thorough market research, we developed a strategy to redesign the visual identity and rebrand the product messaging. From January to December 2016, the strategic campaign generated increased brand awareness measured by an 800% increase in sales.


Projects Completed
  • Visual Identity Rebrand
  • Marketing + Communications Strategy
  • Brand Engagement Platform (website, business cards, brochures, and more collateral)
  • Campaign Strategy + Execution

Visual Identity Rebrand

The Challenge

We were handed a visual identity from the product manufacturer that lacked a distinct position and visual language that would attract the Canadian market. The manufacturer’s chosen campaign model did not reflect the age of the target consumer and wasn’t believable or relatable.

Insights + Barriers

Primary Audience

  • Canadian aesthetic professionals ranging from independent spas to doctor-operated medi-aesthetic clinics
  • Revenues range from <$250,000 to multi-million dollar practices
  • Education ranges from aesthetics certificates to medical degrees
  • Medical doctors are resistant to promotional messaging and are critical of scientific claims


Secondary Audience

  • Consumers, skewing female, aged 40-60, upper-middle class with disposable income ($90,000+)
  • She resides in urban centres such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal
  • She is concerned with appearances and strives to maintain a youthful image
  • She is health-aware, active, has a morning and evening beauty routine, and invests thousands of dollars annually in beauty products and spa treatments
Strategy + Approach

We knew that to build a recognizable brand for Dermaroller®, and on a small business budget, we would need a practical, repeatable visual identity and key imagery that met specific objectives:

  • Represented the benefits of the Dermaroller®
  • Relate to the target demographic, representing impressive yet believable results
  • Feature the professional treatment
  • Highlight credibility of the Health Canada License & ‘Made In Germany’ seal

A creative visual identity contrasted the symptoms of aging with Dermaroller results. The visual was used consistently throughout the marketing platform with messages targeted toward each audience across different channels and collateral: multiple websites, billboards, brochures, digital and traditional advertising, social posts, direct mail, trade show presence, retail signage, training materials, and videos.

Marketing + Communications Strategy

The Challenge

The medi-aesthetics market is saturated with hundreds of competitors offering cosmetic treatments of varying efficacy. With demand increasing for non-surgical anti-aging approaches, hundreds of unlicensed roller devices that attempt to imitate the Dermaroller have polluted the market.

Additionally, the source collateral from the manufacturer did not present the consumer benefits clearly, as it was dense clinical & scientific information that spoke above the audience’s knowledge level.

  1. Reinforce Dermaroller’s position as the original and leading collagen induction therapy treatment
  2. Sell Dermaroller devices to Canadian aesthetic professionals
  3. Build consumer demand for the Dermaroller treatment
  4. Drive consumer traffic to said professionals
Strategy + Approach

With the Dermaroller being a sophisticated technology rooted in metabolic science, our goal was for the brand’s messaging to offer a simple understanding to consumers and aestheticians without diminishing credibility with medical doctors.

A robust B2B marketing platform captured leads and armed the sales team with the tools to target Canadian aesthetics professionals. An engaging, educational, and interactive B2C platform increased social awareness and drove foot traffic to aesthetics professionals.

Brand Engagement Platform

B2B Marketing Platform

The B2B distributor platform is how the Dermaroller® is marketed and supported within DermaSpark Product Inc.’s portfolio of products and services. It drives device awareness and sales.

  • Presented within the DermaSpark branded platform
  • Targeting aestheticians and business owners
  • Educate on the superiority of the Dermaroller® against impostor products that saturate the market
  • Feature DermaSpark’s value proposition and market position, as related to the Dermaroller®
  • Generate leads and bookings for product demos with professionals
  • Direct misguided consumer traffic back to the consumer marketing platform
  • Provide an ordering platform for consumables
  • Provide access to training materials
B2C Marketing Platform

A complete platform targeting the consumer audience driving traffic to customers and supporting consumer engagement:

  • E-Commerce website for Dermaroller products
  • iFrame embeddable website content
  • Posters & display materials
  • Collateral for retail consumers
  • Advertising templates
  • Direct marketing materials
  • Lead generation & engagement materials
  • Shareable/social images & videos
The Results

Dermaroller monthly sales have seen an 800% increase from February to December 2016. With continued marketing support, DermaSpark forecasted their monthly sales to continue growing at a rate of 500% throughout 2017.

Monthly sales lead volume has multiplied by 14.5 over 13 months, starting in February 2016, as a result of the Dermaroller branding and campaign. This resulted in a sales close rate of 17.8%.

In March 2016, the DermarollerClinics.com website hit its highest total of 4,937 sessions and 4,519 users. The Dermaroller Facebook page has reached 6,627 Likes since its start in February 2016; a growth of over 414 Likes per month. DermaSpark’s tradeshow lectures in Vancouver and Toronto reached over 80 attendees.