We Plan. We Shop. WE Cook. You Eat.


Fresh In Your Fridge (FIYF) is a premium in-home meal preparation service. They purchase fresh, organic groceries, and cook in their clients’ own kitchens, leaving nothing but healthy, delicious home-cooked meals in their fridge.

They have grown from an owner-operator operation to an award-winning team of 12 nutritionists. The company currently serves the Greater Vancouver area with immediate plans to expand to Vancouver Island and a long-term goal to launch in Toronto as a premium meal service brand.


Projects Completed
  • Brand Discovery + Compass
  • Visual Identity Rebrand
  • Brand Engagement Platform (Custom Website Design + Development, Brand Collateral + Marketing Collateral)

Brand Discovery + Compass

The Objectives

To achieve growth goals, it had come time to strategically chart the direction of the brand, visual identity, and marketing platform. The branding and marketing objectives were to:

  • Elevate the visual identity of the brand, setting Fresh In Your Fridge apart and creating a recognizable brand experience
  • Define key messages to highlight service distinctions
  • Clarify and document a brand strategy that will guide culture development and on-brand company growth
The Approach

We completed an in-depth brand discovery process, which involved uncovering and redefining the unique aspects of FIYF as a service. We executed market research initiatives to gain a deep understanding of their customer base, and what they love about the service. This also helped us to understand where the gaps are in the market, and how to more effectively address the needs of their customers.

Part of the process also involved setting a long-term mission and vision for the brand. These brand statements are designed to chart the direction of the company’s growth and ensure that, as the company grows, they stay true to their foundational purpose as an organization.

The Brand Strategy

In order to differentiate FIYF from the saturated meal service market, we created the following key messages. They explain the concept of Fresh In Your Fridge and its unique value.

  • Weekly meals (communicating that you get meals for the whole week)
  • Cooked in your home (communicating that the service is completed in the client’s kitchen, not a commercial kitchen, not pre-made, not delivered)
  • Made just for you (communicating that the menu is 100% personalized and caters to client’s preferences and dietary needs)
  • By holistic nutritionist (communicating that the nutritionist does the cooking, not the client)
  • Any diet restrictions or preference (communicating the extreme personalization and convenience)


To position FIYF against other meal services in the market, we directly address the differences that make FIYF unique and superior. Specifically, we highlight that no cooking is required, whereas many meal kits and delivery services require preparation or cooking from the client.

We’ve articulated the brand’s 3 primary target audiences and the impact to them.

We crafted a brand story/introduction to connect with the FIYF audience and demonstrate a deep understanding of their lives, while highlighting the ways in which FIYF solves their concerns.

We’ve articulated the brand’s persona and values – these traits are exemplified throughout the brand strategy and messages.

Visual Identity Rebrand

The Objectives

The primary objective was to elevate the visual identity of the brand and create a unique visual language that can be carried out across the marketing platform, setting Fresh In Your Fridge apart and creating a recognizable brand experience.

We needed to create a brand that looks established and slick, in order to meet business growth objectives. We needed to visually communicate that Fresh In Your Fridge is no longer just a solopreneur – they are an established, premium brand.

Audience Insights
  1. Busy individuals (often doctors, lawyers, etc.)
  2. Busy families (often 2+ children with full lives and non-stop schedules)
  3. People with speciality diets (severe dietary restrictions, sensitivities, allergies, or doctor-prescribed diets)
Market Insights

When it comes to meal convenience, there are a few widely accepted services that have become increasingly popular for the middle-class: grocery delivery, meal delivery (Skip the Dishes, Just Eat, etc), and meal kit delivery (Hello Fresh, Fresh Prep, etc).

These options are convenient, but they don’t work for everyone. The average meal service doesn’t cater properly to food sensitivities, allergies, or to people who follow a speciality diet. With most meal kits, you also still have to cook the meals yourself at the end of the day, which a lot of people don’t have the time or energy for.

Fresh In Your Fridge is not like the other meal services. They pick up where grocery and meal kit delivery leave off. They cook the meals for you and everything is prepared fresh in your kitchen by a certified holistic nutritionist. For this reason, Fresh In Your Fridge needed a brand that stands out from the competition, whose brands look very organic, wholesome, and use lots of green.


We aimed to create a robust visual identity that was clean, modern, bright, colourful, fresh, and rich. These elements are communicated through the brand’s colour palette, typography, illustrations, and photography style.

The logo utilizes clean lines, and a square shape in the primary logo which is an advantage for various applications. The green leaf in the logo is a subtle nod to the previous brand identity – to take a piece of where the brand started forward to where the brand is growing.

Brand Engagement Platform

Creative Execution

The brand and creative strategy were executed consistently throughout the brand engagement platform: the website, infographics, presentation deck, branded merchandise, social media posts, and more.


“We are thrilled with the colourful, fun and unique visual identity REX Marketing + Design has built for us. Our team and community have been excited and engaged with the new look and feel of the company, and it’s provided us with a way to more consistently express our values and how we work. It’s helped us step up from a ‘small homegrown’ business feel to a sophisticated and sleek food and nutrition company in Vancouver – and we are excited to apply the brand to everything we do moving forward. The process of building the brand with the team at REX really helped me understand every element, and the importance of a well thought out visual identity such as ours.”



3X Award-Winning Brand

Redesign/Rebrand Campaign, Best of Category Award
Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, Summit International Awards 2018

Logo Redesign, Gold Award
Summit Creative Award, Summit International Awards 2019

Product/Service Website, Silver Award
Summit Creative Award, Summit International Awards 2019