PLE Painting is a commercial and residential painting company. The company has a unique approach and values-led operation in an industry that has been in a low position on the trades totem pole for decades and was in desperate need of elevation.

For PLE, the idea being the best (a personal best, or doing the best job) is a commitment, a value, and matter of pride. It was important that the creative strategy for the visual identity supported this and communicated a bold and clear message with a unique visual impact.


The visual identity primary objective was to change people’s perceptions of a painting company by launching a brand that raises industry standards and showcases them as the smoothest operation in town. Attention to detail is key. We also needed a brand that the team would be proud to wear as a status symbol.


We developed a visual identity to support the brand’s communication strategy and marketing channels, including trucks, uniforms, documentation, presentations, and alike.

Where other companies design logos and slap them on t-shirts, we designed a visual identity with layered visual elements that showcase their attention to detail.

In uniforms, we created a simple and wearable element that team members wear as a status symbol as they are promoted up the ranks, to showcase the support for crew advancement.

Crew Uniforms