Redefining the built environment.


Postmark is a residential real estate developer who believes there is a better way to build homes. They utilize Mass Timber and practice Mindful Design techniques that break the box and reject the outdated and conventional form and function of most homes — to bring home owners closer to their communities and natural surroundings.

Projects Completed
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity Redesign
  • Website

Brand Strategy + Visual Identity Redesign

The Objectives
  • Define the essence of the Postmark brand through messaging and a visual identity
  • Polish and elevate the brand logo, while communicating thee bold and gritty brand qualities
The Approach

A fundamental element of Postmark buildings is Biophilic Design: the art of increasing the connection between humans and nature through the design of the environment. Thus, our approach for the Postmark visual identity was to pair natural elements with a gritty texture and a bright pop of orange to create an impactful visual impression.

The Results
  • A distinct visual identity to assist in establishing a recognizable presence in their community
  • A photography style that makes their marketing platform look and feel like the environment of their buildings


The Objectives

Postmark needed a website that could communicate their brand story, philosophy, and approach to potential investors.

  • Engage and inspire potential investors
  • Capture potential buyers for future housing projects
  • Evangelize the problem with the current construction and design philosophy and position Postmark as the antithesis to this problem
  • Showcase Postmark’s previous work to act as a virtual portfolio
The Approach

The website needed to illustrate the current problem with most real estate developments: they build homes for profitability, not the optimal living experience. Through compelling headlines and nature-centered visual elements, we take the audience through a journey of understanding this problem, and learning about the Postmark’s unique solution.