ST. JOHN AMBULANCE (SJA) is an international
organization dedicated to providing CPR training, first
aid and community services to people across the world
through its national and regional chapters.
As a charitable, humanitarian organization, proceeds from
St. John Ambulance’s first aid training and first aid
product sales directly support these vital community
services programs.


Our challenge was to position SJA as an industry leader.
There was some brand awareness, but overall the
audience was confused and unclear of the value they

However, as a 900-year-old organization, the brand name
wasn’t going to change. We had to layer the messaging
about their core offerings over the already established
name. We were tasked to transform the brand and create
assets to be used for all marketing in BC and Yukon.
As a charity with limited resources, SJA competes against
the for-profit corporation, Red Cross. Red Cross has
international brand awareness and marketing reach, while
communicating an “in-your-community” message well.


Working with their internal marketing director, we
focused on SJA’s key differentiators and packaged them
into clear statements. We balanced sales-focused &
community-building messages by promoting the range
and quality of training & product options, SJA’s volunteer
teams, and community care.

“SET™” is an acronym that encompasses Safety
Education & Tools. The logo leverages SJA’s existing brand
equity, respects the legacy, while more clearly specifying
what they offer. Making the brand a call to action, SET
creates a sense of urgency for customers to consider
safety and conveys SJA’s impact.

Staying away from fear-based tactics, we used campaign
imagery that shows real people having fun outdoors, or
spending time with loved ones. The SET™ Emergency
Ready campaign leverages the same insights while
empowering people to be everyday heroes.

Posters, Marketing Collateral + Advertising

Campaign Logo

Designed to incorporate the parent brand, the SET campaign, and the history of the organization.

Complete Campaign Integration
  • Campaign Development
  • Branding
  • Brand Standards
  • Advertising Templates
  • Brochures & Collateral
  • Digital Ad Creative
  • Social Media Branding
  • Ambulance Decals
  • Seasonal Campaigns

St. John Ambulance